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In Karaganda figured out the process of creating a Russian vaccine

16.10.2021 112 просмотров

The Karaganda pharmaceutical complex has mastered the production of the Sputnik Light coronavirus vaccine, in Kazakhstan it is supposed to be used for revaccination. This was announced on Friday at a briefing by the Minister of Health of the Republic Alexei Tsoi.

“Our Karaganda plant has mastered the production of [vaccine] Sputnik Light, the drug is temporarily registered in Kazakhstan,” he said. He explained: “Yes, such an issue is currently being worked out.” The minister, however, did not specify when exactly this would happen. “I think that in the near future,” he added.

On February 1, Kazakhstan began to vaccinate the population against coronavirus with Sputnik V, produced in Russia. At the end of February, the Russian vaccine, produced on the basis of the Karaganda pharmaceutical complex, began to be distributed in the regions. On April 26, vaccination with the local drug QazVac began in the republic. At the end of April, the Samruk-Kazyna National Wealth Fund purchased 1 million doses of the Hayat-Vax vaccine from the Chinese company Sinopharm.

In early June, the first batch of CoronaVac vaccine produced by the Chinese Sinovac Biotech in the amount of 500,000 doses arrived in the republic. On July 15, the Russian Direct Investment Fund announced that the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan had registered a one-component drug called Sputnik Light. In early August, 1 million doses of Sinopharm's Vero Cell coronavirus vaccine were delivered to the country.

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