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Coronavirus in Hokkaido

25.05.2021 58 просмотров

The local government immediately introduced a quarantine.

In Japan, on the island of Hokkaido, an epidemiological emergency has been introduced from May 16 until the end of the month. The purpose of this measure is to suppress focal outbreaks of COVID-19 that occur in various places.

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Tsukamoto Eiko, Professor, Hokkaido Medical University:

"I just wanted to say - even if it's a little exaggerated - that you just need to walk down the street to encounter coronavirus. Therefore, the virus easily spreads around the country along with people traveling. Let's say someone visited Tokyo, then came to Hokkaido, and then went somewhere else ".

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Hokkaido is a sparsely populated wooded area. Most of the locals live in the city of Sapporo. There, the previous wave of infections, as a rule, spread from the public catering system. However, the latest infections have occurred in schools and hospitals (more than 30% according to official statistics).

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The measures taken by the government primarily concern the reduction of working hours in the restaurant business in order to stop people gathering in the evening for tables in catering establishments. It should be noted that all infectious diseases departments of hospitals in Sapporo are already full, although on the twentieth of May only 600 patients with coronavirus were registered on the island.

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