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Chinese Foreign Ministry commented on the upcoming report on the sources of COVID-19

18.03.2021 38 просмотров

Relevant work to find the origin of the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) was carried out by Chinese and international experts.

This was stated at a press briefing by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, commenting on reports that the day before, an official representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that a group of international experts who visited China to study possible sources of origin COVID-19 may release its report next week.

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“The key findings, findings, and recommendations of the joint study on possible origins of COVID-19 were released at a joint press conference between China and international experts, held on February 9,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman recalled.

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A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that after China and WHO agreed on a work plan in July last year, the Chinese side, in accordance with the recommendations of international experts, involved a large number of organizations and people

"Both sides jointly searched for possible sources of COVID-19 and conducted a joint analysis of available data," said Zhao Lijian.

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