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China continues to help Myanmar fight coronavirus

05.09.2021 90 просмотров

On September 3, the Chinese government donated another batch of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm's COVID-19 vaccine and medical products to fight the epidemic, including ventilators, oxygen concentrators, medical protective masks and overalls, to Myanmar. This was reported to a Xinhua correspondent at the International Development Cooperation Agency.

Deputy Head of the Agency Deng Boqing took part in the ceremony of transferring medical supplies, which was held via videoconference. The Chinese side hopes to help Myanmar build a strong anti-epidemic barrier and achieve an early victory over the epidemic, he said. He said China will continue to cooperate with all members of the international community, including Myanmar and other ASEAN countries, and provide assistance to all countries to the extent possible to fight the pandemic and restore social and economic development.

ASEAN Secretariat August 18 held a pledging videoconference in support of the ASEAN Humanitarian Aid Initiative in Myanmar. During the event, the Chinese side expressed its desire to expand humanitarian assistance to Myanmar and announced its decision to provide another batch of vaccine and medical products in addition to the previous donation to help Myanmar fight the epidemic.

Myanmar Minister of Health Thet Khaine Win thanked China for its deep friendly feelings towards the people of Myanmar at the humanitarian aid donation ceremony. He expressed confidence that with Chinese help, Myanmar would certainly be able to defeat the epidemic. ASEAN Secretary-General Lim Jok Hoi said in a video message that China's assistance to the people of Myanmar will have a direct and meaningful impact.

After the ceremony, donated vaccines and anti-epidemic products were sent through the relevant border crossing to Yunnan province to the border regions of Myanmar.

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