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China believes that it is impossible to lose vigilance regarding COVID-19

23.05.2021 45 просмотров

Measures to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic are being consistently taken in the two Chinese provinces of Liaoning and Anhui, which recently reported cases of concentrated COVID-19 infections.

Wu Liangyu, Deputy Director of the Department of Disease Prevention and Control of the National Health Committee (GKZ) of the People's Republic of China, announced this at a press conference in Beijing.

"Recently, cases of concentrated coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Liaoning and Anhui provinces.After the outbreak of the epidemic, the National Health Commission and the State Administration for Disease Prevention and Control immediately launched an emergency response mechanism to the epidemic, promptly dispatching two special task forces to both provinces to guide local efforts to prevent and control COVID-19 At present, various epidemic control measures are being thoroughly implemented," the expert informed.

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According to him, the overall epidemiological situation in China remains stable oh during the last year, and in most regions of the country no local cases of infection were recorded. However, in some places, vigilance against the coronavirus has unacceptably weakened, the representative of the GKZ emphasized.

“The current outbreak of the epidemic has again raised the alarm, reminding us that the pandemic is not over yet. to China from abroad is increasing. The overall epidemiological situation in the country remains difficult and complex. The work of epidemic prevention and control has shown its long-term complexity and uncertainty, reminding us that anti-epidemic work cannot be weakened even for a minute," said < b>Wu Liangyou.

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He also urged the whole society to raise risk awareness and actively participate in the vaccination campaign to jointly protect China's strategic achievements in the fight against the pandemic her, which were given with great difficulty.

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