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CCTV reports how many people in China have been vaccinated against COVID-19

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As of March 14, 64.98 million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in China. This was announced by Deputy Head of the State Committee for Health Affairs of China Li Bin at a press conference in Beijing.

According to him, vaccination is being systematically carried out throughout the country, with priority given to key populations.

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“As of March 14, 64.98 million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to increase vaccination coverage, we organize and deliver vaccinations according to the principle that priority is given to the key population with a higher risk of contracting and transmitting coronavirus, then to the vulnerable group with a higher likelihood of severe illness if infected, then other population groups are coming,” the deputy head of the department explained.
Next Li Bin spoke in more detail about the vaccination procedure for different population groups.

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“We promote vaccination of key populations , which are the most vulnerable in terms of infection with coronavirus and aggravation of diseases. These categories of people mainly include those who, due to their professional activities, have a high risk of infection, are in contact with foreign sources of coronavirus, as well as people who hold key positions to ensure the basic functioning of society,” he said.

K The vulnerable group most likely to develop a severe form of the disease are the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

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depending on the progress of research and development of vaccines. After receiving sufficient clinical data on the safety and efficacy of the drug, we will promptly carry out mass vaccination of the relevant population groups,” the deputy head of the department assured.

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“Besides the above two categories of people, anyone else who wants to get vaccinated can schedule it and get the injection . Our ultimate goal is to protect all people whose health condition allows them to be vaccinated against the coronavirus,” said Li Bin.

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