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Young Chinese create new trends in local cuisine

19.08.2021 202 просмотров

This summer in China, cafes and restaurants go for the exotic and the atmosphere of a beach holiday. 

The trend is blue food and coconut-based drinks. Cappuccino with coconut milk, americano with coconut water, and even bubble tea, popular in Asian countries, also with coconut. 

China Trends 1.jpg

“Coconut water and coconut milk remain the most popular products. It seems to me that people have become much more health-conscious since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ban Panpan, a saleswoman in a coconut-based beverage store.

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But those who choose blue burgers, cookies and cocktails are not uncommon in China. It is believed that shades of blue suppress appetite, but people miss the exotic and enjoy tasting unusual food.

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Wang Shuo, owner of the bar. - And I decided to create a burger that would reflect my love for him, and also attract young visitors. This is how blue burgers appeared on the menu.”

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The restaurateur didn't expect this dish to make his establishment a center of attraction for young people. But analysts say Gen Z loves everything unique and original, and tastes are becoming more diverse day by day. And the once repulsive blue color of food is now turning into an advantage.

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