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Yevkurov plans to visit Qatar and discuss co-financing of the Islamic center in Magas

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The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, may visit Qatar before the end of the year and discuss the issue of Qatar's participation in the construction project of an Islamic center in the capital of Ingushetia, Magas.

"We  went through all the procedures, several commissions came here, agreed on the estimate, agreed on the project. Now a trip [to Qatar] of the head of the Republic of Ingushetia is planned. We hope that this year the trip will take place and an agreement on co-financing», — Akhmed Palankoev, chairman of the Russian-Qatari and Russian-Turkish business councils, head of the board of trustees of the Azan Foundation, which initiated the construction of the center, told TASS. He added that within the construction terms and amounts of financing will be established.

Ambassador of Qatar to Russia Fahad Mohammed Al-Attiyah, who is in Ingushetia together with diplomats from another 12 Arab countries, TASS reported that the country is ready to co-finance the construction of an Islamic center in Magas.

"The project of a cultural center with a mosque in Ingushetia is developing. It is included in the town-planning plan of Magas and has already begun to be built. Qatar expressed its desire to participate in the construction of the center and sponsor the project. We continue to follow our plans  — he said.

The fact that Qatar is ready to co-finance the construction of an Islamic center in Ingushetia became known after the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in early 2016  The project for the construction of a mosque with a capacity of more than 8,000 people also includes the construction of an Islamic educational and cultural center. Building area — more than 11 thousand square meters.

In addition, it was previously reported that Qatar is considering the possibility of importing agricultural products from Russia.

"We are considering various opportunities for cooperation. We hope we will be able to broadcast them to our businessmen, traders and agricultural investors so that they come here and use them in importing goods and services from Ingushetia, and also from Russia as a whole  — Fahad Mohamed Al-Attiyah, Ambassador of Qatar to Russia, said during a visit to Ingushetia by ambassadors from the countries of the Middle East and Africa.

The ambassador noted that apples and other agricultural products may be of interest to the country.


Earlier, the head of the republic, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, reported that the producers of the Republic of Ingushetia are ready to supply abroad tens of thousands of tons of agricultural products and industrial goods. During his trip to Riyadh, he noted that Ingushetia was ready to supply, in particular, fruits, honey and meat to Saudi Arabia.

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