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Apple Corporation to increase the share of production in India

24.01.2023 ТАСС 74 просмотров

Apple wants a quarter of its products to be assembled in factories in India.

Apple plans to produce up to a quarter of its products at factories located on Indian territory. This was announced on Monday by the Minister of Trade and Industry of India Piyush Goyal, referred to by Reuters.

"Apple already produces about 5-7% of its products in India, and if I'm not mistaken, they plan to increase this figure to 25%," Goyal said.

The American corporation Apple has been developing its production in India for several years. Initially, since 2017, the first-generation iPhone SE was going there, then in 2020 in cooperation with Wistron in The assembly of the second generation iPhone SE 2020 smartphone has been started in Narsapur near Bangalore.

Earlier, the Times of India newspaper reported that the government India was allowed to open branches in the country from 10 to 14 Chinese companies-suppliers of equipment for Apple, including AirPods, iPhone Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Sunny Optical Technology Group Co..

Some Indian companies, such as Tata Group, already supply Apple with components, and the Indian authorities are looking to add more local suppliers to the supply chain in order to stimulate and diversify the national electronics industry. One way to achieve this is through joint ventures with Chinese manufacturers of electronic components.

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