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The exhibition of textile and clothing industry technologies was held in Tashkent

11.09.2022 China Global Television Network (CGTN) 37 просмотров

Tashkent hosted the largest international exhibition of technologies for the textile and clothing industry in the Central Asian region from September 7 to 9.

The CAITME exhibition attracted the attention of more than four thousand visitors. About 60% of them are business owners and top managers in the textile, knitwear and clothing industries. What is presented at the stands covers the entire production chain – from yarn production to finished sewing and knitting products.

Uzbekistan is currently in sixth place among the largest cotton producers in the world. Cotton is also called white gold here. After all, cotton is the basis of the clothes we wear, as well as the main raw materials used by textile enterprises.

The textile and clothing industries occupy the second place in terms of production in the country. Recognized leaders of textile engineering from Europe and Asia participate in the exhibition every year. National expositions of Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, China and other countries are organized on a permanent basis.

"Our CAITME 2022 exhibition is being held for the 14th time this year, and we are very pleased that this year it is being held in a full-scale format. That is, we are returning to our pre-pandemic scale. This year we have 306 companies from 19 countries participating in our event. We have large national stands, we have companies that participate with a large number of exhibitors," said Nadira Khaitbayeva, manager of Iteca Exhibitions.

The exhibition participants will have the opportunity to inspect textile and clothing enterprises in the Tashkent region. Among the guests there are many representatives from the SCO countries, including China, because China is one of the main importers of Uzbek cotton and yarn.

"How do the Chinese see us? The Chinese see how fast we are developing and cotton is also appreciated. Because they used to buy cotton from us. And Uzbekistan already processes all the cotton itself. There used to be a spinning mill, but now weaving is also going well with us," said Bahodir Nuraliyev, a representative of a Chinese company in Uzbekistan.

The business program of the exhibition is quite rich. It hosts international conferences, numerous rounds of business meetings, workshops, forums and presentations from leading international manufacturers and industry flagships.

"The Chinese are very fond of your products. On the other hand, in our opinion, this is only the initial stage for you. And there is not much time to fully develop this area. But it seems to me that in the future, in a few years, you will definitely reach today's Chinese level," said Sun Jingshi, a representative of the Chinese company.

According to the organizers, over the years this specialized exhibition has become the most important and effective platform for first-hand purchases. Now all the advantages of the presented equipment can be appreciated only by professionals, but soon the goods manufactured using new technologies will reach the consumer – in Uzbekistan, China and other SCO countries.

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