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A full plastic recycling plant has started operating in Vladivostok

29.11.2022 ТАСС 197 просмотров

The first full plastic recycling plant in the Far East has been launched in Primorye.

NC Recycling, a resident of the free port, has launched the first full plastic recycling enterprise in the Far Eastern Federal District in Vladivostok, the press service of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation reported on Monday.

"The production capacity of the enterprise of the resident of the free port of Vladivostok is 50 tons of pellets per month. Raw materials for the plant located in Vladivostok are supplied from landfills of solid household waste of Primorsky Krai. According to the agreement with the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, over 6 million rubles have been invested in the investment project," the report says.

The enterprise supplies part of the secondary pellets for the production of various boxes and containers to the NK Thermo enterprise, which is part of this group of companies and, as a resident of the free port, has implemented a project to produce polymer products for fishing, agricultural and other industries. The rest of the products are sold to third-party consumers, who also produce various non-food packaging, garbage bags and sewer pipes. The raw materials for the plant are old cans, cellophane, various plastics that come from landfills of solid household waste of Primorye. In the future, the plant is ready to accept old plastic containers from industrial and agricultural enterprises of the region for processing.

The plant, unique for the Far East, solves the important task of recycling used polymer products without harm to the environment, and also improves the already existing ecological situation in the Primorsky Territory. Depending on the capacity of the secondary plastic market, the company is able to significantly increase the production capacity.

"Pellets obtained from waste plastics are much cheaper than primary raw materials for the manufacture of plastic products. Recycled polymers are in demand in many sectors of the economy. If necessary, we will be able to produce up to 100 tons of pellets per month on existing equipment," the words of the head of NC Recycling, Alexander Vigovsky, are quoted in the message.

The free port of Vladivostok is extended to 22 municipalities in five regions of the Far East, according to agreements with the KRDV, projects are implemented by more than 2.1 thousand residents. 327 billion rubles of private investments have been invested in the economy of the district, 38.5 thousand jobs have been created, 368 projects have been launched. Significant tax benefits and preferences are available to residents, including insurance premiums reduced to 7.6% for 10 years, zero property and profit taxes for the first five years, and the application of the procedure of a free customs zone. The minimum threshold of capital investments for obtaining the status of a resident of the SPV is 500 thousand rubles.

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