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Vnukovo Airport is preparing to resume flights according to the usual schedule

23.05.2020 123 просмотров

The Vnukovo airport, where the government squadron is based, is preparing to resume flights.

Since the end of March, sanitary and quarantine control has been strengthened at this airport on all arriving flights. A team of medical workers from the Moscow Government Health Department is on duty here around the clock.

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"Flying, of course, is scary, but I have family circumstances ... My grandson was in serious condition in Semashko. I had to run away and resolve the issue," said a Muscovite Valery Bakaev. - I decided the issue and now I'm sending home. And so I was in quarantine in strict isolation. It all depends on people, it seems to me. If you follow all the rules, then there will be nothing terrible. But this is my personal opinion ".

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The head of the medical service of Vnukovo airport Eduard Gevorkyan explained what measures are being taken for the safety of passengers: "Lists are being created , schedules are drawn up so that people do not crowd. Then swabs are taken every half an hour and the samples are sent to the laboratory.

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There should be rapid tests that determine in 10 minutes whether there are antibodies in the blood. We are also working on this - they need to be purchased, while they are not in the quantity that we need. And companies are not ready to deliver, because they know that Sobyanin is holding a campaign: 70,000 tests a week, so the entire volume is still going there. But as soon as we can buy, we will immediately begin testing. We planned this week - it didn't work out, unfortunately, so we'll be with the next one…" 

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Svetlana Prilepskaya, flight attendant, is pleased with the changes: otherwise, because there will be many flights!"

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At the airport, all surfaces of the halls are disinfected daily using hydrogen peroxide and other disinfectants, stands with information on the prevention of COVID-19 are installed.

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