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Vladivostok MTP intends to increase the export of Far Eastern grain

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PJSC "Vladivostok Sea Commercial Port" (VMTP, part of the Fesco transport group) launched the "Grain Cargo" program in order to increase efficiency and increase the volume of grain transshipment, follows from the Fesco message.

"The program assumes an increase in the capacity of a one-time storage of grain by 33%, from 12 to 16,000 tons, which will ensure the export to Asian countries of a record grain harvest harvested by Russian farmers in 2017 year» , — The     station    14 regular international and cabotage lines, the message notes. The port's facilities allow exporting grain cargoes from Vladivostok to eight Asian countries, and transshipment to any regions of the Russian Far East.

PJSC "VMTP" — one of the largest enterprises in Vladivostok. According to the results of 2016, the cargo turnover of the stevedoring company amounted to 5.62 million tons, which is 11.5% higher than the result of 2015. VMTP's production facilities are located at 15 berths of the port of Vladivostok.

Fesco — one of the largest private transport and logistics companies in Russia. The Group owns the Commercial Sea Port of Vladivostok, the railway operator Transgarant, and a 50% stake in the fitting platform operator Russkaya Troika. Fesco manages about 36,000 jobs. containers, the fleet of fitting platforms is 3.5 thousand tons. units. The group's fleet includes 20 transport vessels, which mainly carry out transportation on their own sea lines. The Group also owns a 25.1% stake in PJSC TransContainer.

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