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A new terminal is planned to be built at Tbilisi International Airport

02.02.2023 ТАСС 57 просмотров

According to the general manager of TAV Georgia, it is also planned to "change the category of the runway" and add parking for aircraft.

TAV Georgia, which owns the Tbilisi and Batumi airports, plans to build a new terminal in the capital's air harbor. This was announced on Wednesday by the company's general manager Thea Zakaradze.

"TAV Georgia has been operating Tbilisi and Batumi international airports for 18 years now, and I think we have had a lot of success, but it would be better if Georgia had updated airports, and we are working on this. The update means all directions. The development plan we are currently working on involves the construction of a new terminal at Tbilisi International Airport," Thea Zakaradze said.

As she stressed, "the terminal is outdated, the building is almost 18 years old, it is small, there is not enough space." According to her, in addition to the construction of a new terminal, it is planned to "change the category of the runway, work at the airfield, add parking for aircraft." To upgrade the airport, as noted by Thea Zakaradze, a large investment will be made, which is currently being negotiated.

Thea Zakaradze did not specify the construction dates of the new terminal.

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