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The best cars of the year were named in Moscow - see "News of Greater Asia" (issue 824)

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Watch in the program "News of Greater Asia" (issue 824):
  • Cars from China entered the top of the best passenger cars of the year Chery has become the most popular Chinese brand in Russia
  • A program about the automotive industry of China will appear on the TV channel "Big Asia"

Chinese cars entered the top of the best passenger cars of the year

A presentation of a large-scale study "Car Ratings of the Year in Russia" took place in Moscow. The list of the best cars includes Chinese, Japanese and Korean models. The rating was based on a survey on the website of the National Award "Car of the Year in Russia". The study involved 28975 residents of our country. They passed 12 surveys about the novelties of the Russian car market, used cars and Chinese-made cars.

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Vladimir Bezukladnikov, Head of the National Award "Car of the Year in Russia": "What is really happening now in the minds and souls of the country's motorists at the time of such serious changes – this was our main task at the end of the last, very difficult, but extremely interesting from a research point of view, 2022!
// Within the framework of ratings, a person acts approximately as he acts in real life. After all, there are quite a lot of criteria that become the reason for choosing a particular car."

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Among the novelties, the most modern car was called the Audi E-tron, the best family option was the KIA Carnival crossover, and the most reliable car was the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

The leader in the used car market is the domestic Lada Granta, in second and third place – Hyundai Solaris and Volkswagen Polo.

The organizers of the study paid special attention to the Chinese automotive industry: over the past year, cars from China have gained high recognition, and their popularity in the market has increased significantly. However, as the organizing committee clarifies, "Chinese cars, with the growth of their popularity, still remain an imperfectly understood phenomenon for Russian consumers."

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The presentation featured a story from the program "Chinese Panorama", which tells about the level and capabilities of the automotive industry in China.
By the end of 2022, the export of Chinese cars has seriously overtaken Germany, which traditionally ranked second in the world in terms of the number of cars delivered to the markets of other countries. In addition, the automobile industry of the People's Republic of China has reduced the gap with Japan, the world leader in the export of cars, to a minimum.  Experts have little doubt that the Celestial Empire will soon be the undisputed world leader in the export of cars.

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In 2022, China increased the volume of car exports by 54.4%, bringing it to 3 million 110 thousand units. Deliveries to the international market of Chinese electric vehicles increased by 120% over the year. China is the leader in the supply of passenger cars to Latin America and the Middle East. In the European Union, the first place was taken by Tesla, with cars assembled in China, as well as cars of European brands owned by companies from China, such as Volvo.

In 2022, two leading Chinese concerns produced almost 650 thousand electric vehicles. That's more than their three competitors combined! Today, China makes not just good cars, but modern, technological, stuffed to the brim with gadgets and original chips, they are cheaper and already compete well in the market in the price-quality ratio.

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The world has overlooked China's technological breakthrough. Many did not notice the success in space exploration, having learned from the news that the People's Republic of China was able to independently complete the creation of an orbital habitable station, designed and manufactured only in China. Recently, the latest technologies have been introduced in unmanned aerial vehicles, on which the sign "Made in China" is emblazoned. The nuclear and oil and gas industries, energy, aircraft construction, and high-speed rail transport are developing at an accelerated pace, so it is impossible to consider the successes of the Chinese automotive industry in isolation from the large-scale scientific and technical transformations of modern China that have actually taken place in this country over the past decade.

Today, according to the study, In Russia, the Chinese brands Geely, Haval, Lifan, Great Wall and, of course, Chery are best known. It was Chery that became the leader of the rating of cars produced in China.

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Vladimir Shmakov, General Director of JSC "CHERI AUTOMOBILES RUS": "We do not just declare customer orientation, we implement this approach in our daily activities.
Every time we start the process of designing a new car, filling it with certain options and characteristics, we first of all focus on the desires and requests that come from our customers."

According to the authors of the study, the surprise was the Omoda C5 model, which took 9th place in the list of the best technological Chinese cars, although sales of cars of this brand began only at the end of November last year.

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Wang Bin, Head of the Eurasian Bureau of the Media Corporation of China: "I am very glad that in the difficult conditions of the withdrawal of Western automakers from the Russian market, China was able to really help our friends and partners by promptly ensuring the replacement of "runaway brands."
Some analysts suggest that about a hundred brands of Chinese cars will be presented on the Russian market by the end of 2023. These will be cars, as they say in Russia, "for every taste and color," which will be able to meet the needs of all categories, not only consumer, but also industrial."

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The Chinese car industry remains an unexplored topic for many Russian consumers, which can be revealed by the "Chinese Auto Club" – a new project of the TV channel "Big Asia", which will soon appear on our air.

Wang Bin, Head of the Eurasian Bureau of the Media Corporation of China: "I think this is a very good idea.
The Media Corporation of China is presenting the third season of the television project this year, it is called "Chinese Cars of the Year", I think that our colleagues from the TV channel "Big Asia", who together with the Media Corporation of China produce and broadcast the program "Chinese Panorama" daily, will respond to this initiative, and we will soon be able to see a new a program dedicated not only to the development of China's automotive industry, but also to all those related areas that affect the appearance of a modern car."

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Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the Greater Asia TV channel, addressing the participants of the event, drew attention to the fact that the way to business lies through knowledge. The world is changing rapidly, the Asian vector is becoming the dominant trend in politics, culture, and production, so we all need to work on forming new relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the TV channel "Big Asia": Not only the world, but also the automotive industry is turning to the East.
This trend is already clear, that this reversal is carried out through the People's Republic of China. Because China is an absolute driver not only in the economy, but also in politics today. Alexander Lebedev urged the heads of dealer networks to pay more attention to the promotion of positive content about China, as well as subscribe to the telegram channel "Chinese Panorama", which publishes versatile, relevant and reliable information about the People's Republic of China every day.

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