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Construction of a new railway has been launched in Mongolia

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Mongolia will build the shortest route to the sea through Russia and China.

Prime Minister of MongoliaLuvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene has launched the construction of a new railway in the east of the country, which will be the shortest route to the Russian Far East and the East China Sea. This was reported on Monday by the national news agency MONTSAME.

The 415—kilometer-long railway will run from the country's fourth largest city Choibalsan, the capital of the eastern aimag Dornod, to the Bichigt checkpoint on the border with China. At the launch ceremony of the project, the head of government recalled that Mongolia had recently successfully completed the Thousand Roads project, which connected all regions with Ulaanbaatar with paved roads. Now it is necessary to fully connect large border crossings with the national railway network, the eastern part of which is of strategic importance as the shortest route for Mongolia to the Russian Far East and the East China Sea.

"The Bichigt border crossing is the main point of access to the sea for the Russia-Mongolia-China economic corridor," he stressed Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene. He added that with the completion of the construction of this railway, the natural resources of the east of Mongolia will be put into economic circulation, the cost of transportation will be reduced by two to three times. Through the Bichigt point, 25 million tons of cargo will annually enter foreign markets in transit through the territory of China and Russia. This will create a new export gateway for landlocked Mongolia.

To date, out of 42 border posts in Mongolia, only three are connected by rail. About 50% of copper and coking coal exports and more than 70% of consumer goods imports pass through them. The Prime Minister noted that the pandemic showed how "the country's economy depends only on mining, the national budget depends on coal, fuel from one country, and imports from one border crossing." It is impossible to talk about development without eliminating the problem of the narrowness of border crossings, the head of government believes.

"This situation will be completely changed, there will be five export gates in Mongolia, and the competitiveness of transport and logistics will double," the Prime Minister stressed. In addition, the Government is working on the development of border crossings in accordance with international standards and the creation of satellite border cities as part of the "New Renaissance Policy".

With the financing of the Asian Development Bank, construction work is planned to be completed within two years, and railway work within 3-5 years. This will allow to transport about 12 million tons of domestic cargo per year.


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