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Uzbekistan Airways starts flights under new rules

16.05.2020 47 просмотров

From May 18, the air carrier will begin operating flights from Tashkent to Nukus, Termez and Urgench.

In accordance with the resolution of the special republican commission on the preparation of a program of measures to prevent the penetration and spread of coronavirus in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the restoration of flights on local airlines will be phased. 

Flight schedule published on the official website of the airline:

Tashkent-Urgench-Tashkent (Monday, Thursday)
Departure from Tashkent: 09-00; arrival in Urgench: 10-30
Departure from Urgench: 13-30; arrival in Tashkent: 14-50

Tashkent-Nukus-Tashkent (Tuesday, Friday)
Departure from Tashkent: 09-00; arrival in Nukus: 10-40
Departure from Nukus: 13-40; arrival in Tashkent: 15-00

Tashkent-Termez-Tashkent (Wednesday, Saturday)
Departure from Tashkent: 09-00; arrival in Termez: 10-20
Departure from Termez: 13-20; arrival in Tashkent: 14-30

Changes have been made to the rules for registering passengers and servicing in the cabin.

At the entrance to the airport, the passenger must present a certificate confirming that he does not have COVID-19. The certificate is valid for no more than 120 hours from the moment of passing the test for coronavirus infection. At the airport, his body temperature is measured. 

In the cabin of the aircraft, it is necessary to maintain a 2-meter social distance, wear a protective mask and gloves. Seating on the plane will be carried out strictly according to boarding passes, it is forbidden to walk around the cabin unless absolutely necessary.

On May 11, Uzbekistan resumed the return of its citizens from foreign countries in which they ended up on the eve of the closure of borders. 237 citizens of the republic arrived in Tashkent from Malaysia and Singapore. 

Flights are met by doctors who conduct an initial examination and send all arriving Uzbeks to a special center for a two-week quarantine. The authorities of the country ordered to be the first to return to their homeland the elderly, the disabled, citizens with serious illnesses, pregnant women and passengers who find themselves away from home with children. consular departments.

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