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Turkey and Russia are discussing the possibility of using the Troy payment system

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This topic is being discussed by the parties at the level of representatives of the Central Bank, the newspaper Aydınlık notes.

Moscow and Ankara are considering the possibility of using the Turkish Troy payment system as an alternative to the Russian Mir system in Turkey. This was reported on Wednesday by the newspaper "Aydynlyk".

According to the publication, this topic is being discussed by the parties at the level of representatives of the Central Bank. According to the newspaper, "at the meeting held yesterday (Tuesday — approx. TASS) in Kazan, the 15th meeting of the Central Banks of Turkey and Russia has seen some progress in this issue."

The central banks of the two countries are conducting routine negotiations on the use of the national currency when paying for energy, protecting national financial systems from sanctions and, possibly, creating a swap line, the newspaper reports. As noted in the inner circle of the head of the Central Bank of Turkey, Shahap Kavjioglu, who advocates conducting trade between the two countries in national currencies, he also spoke in favor of using Troy cards, the newspaper writes.

According to the publication, if this initiative is approved by the Central Bank of Russia, Russian banks that are not under sanctions will be able to switch to using the Troy system or open corresponding accounts in Turkish credit institutions operating in the Russian Federation integrated with this system, which will allow Russian tourists to receive Troy cards and use them to make purchases in Turkey in the future. Since the system and the operations that are carried out through it are under the control of Turkey, it will be difficult for the United States to find an excuse to interfere in the work related to the use of cards, the newspaper believes. Aydinlyk also reports that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Turkey are discussing a model for creating an online system with which tourists will be able to pay for hotels and transportation costs.

Earlier it was reported that all Turkish banks suspended the service of Mir cards against the background of a statement by the US Treasury Department about its intention to impose sanctions for supporting Russia's attempts to expand the use of its payment system abroad. Five banks accepted Mir cards in Turkey: private Is Bankasi, Denizbank and state-owned Ziraat Bankasi, VakifBank and Halkbank.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in turn, instructed the relevant ministries to work out alternatives to using the Mir system in the country. This issue was discussed at a government meeting held on September 26, the Turkish authorities have not yet reported on the decisions taken.

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