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Gas from the Black Sea fields will begin to flow to Turkey in 2023.

The first gas from the Black Sea fields will begin to flow to Turkey in 2023, the Turkish president said on TuesdayTayyip Erdogan.

"We plan to start supplying the first gas from 10 fields in the Black Sea in 2023," he said at the launch ceremony of the new Turkish drilling vessel Abdulhamid Khan in the Mediterranean port of Mersin. The broadcast was conducted by TRT TV channel.

The Turkish President recalled that the reserves of gas fields in the Black Sea amount to about 540 billion cubic meters. The largest of them is the Sakarya field, whose reserves exceed 400 billion cubic meters. m. Turkey intends to invest about $ 10 billion in the development of this field.

At the initial stage, it is planned to extract about 10 million cubic meters of gas per day or 3.4-4 billion per year from the Sakarya field. By 2027-2028, the daily volume of gas production should be 40 million cubic meters, annual volumes will grow to 15 billion cubic meters.

According to Tayyip Erdogan, to date, 100 km of a 165-kilometer gas pipeline has been laid along the bottom of the Black Sea to the Sakarya field, in some places it will pass at a depth of up to 2 km.

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