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Turkey is building a tunnel, the second longest in the world

21.06.2017 192 просмотров

Turkey continues construction of the tunnel, which will be the second longest in the world. The New Zigana tunnel consists of two tunnels, the length of which will be 14.5 kilometers.

The new tunnel will shorten the path between the provinces of the eastern part of the Black Sea region of Turkey and the countries of the Middle East, the Caucasus and Iran.

Work is being carried out in accordance with the approved construction plan. The tunnel is being built from two directions: from the side of Gumushane province, construction began in April, and from the side of Trabzon — — in August 2016 

According to Anadolu Agency, Gümüşhane Province Governor Okay Memish, the construction of the tunnel is proceeding according to schedule.

"The average penetration rate is about 10 meters per day. As Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has already said, most likely, the construction of the tunnel will be completed before October 29, 2019 , — Memish said.

The Governor reminded that Turkey's longest road tunnel will pass through the Zigan mountain range, which is part of the Pontic Mountains system.

The Zigan Pass is considered a high-risk road. Inclement weather conditions make this road dangerous, especially during the winter months. The new tunnel will increase traffic safety and reduce the number of accidents.

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