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The United Arab Emirates launched an import substitution policy in connection with the coronavirus epidemic

01.04.2020 35 просмотров

The economic bloc of the government of the United Arab Emirates has begun to implement a policy of replacing foreign goods with domestic ones.

Supplies from countries affected by the coronavirus epidemic have been virtually interrupted, jeopardizing the life cycle of some of the most important enterprises for the UAE national economy.

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As a result, a number of companies have taken over the organization of "emergency" supply.

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"It seems to me that after the end of the crisis caused by the pandemic "We will massively move to the local production of the goods we need. We will begin to produce spare parts for equipment right here, that is, at home," says Fahmy El Shawwa, CEO of Immensa Labs.

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Immensa laboratory registered in the capital of the Emirates produces up to 20,000 protective transparent face kits per week. It is noteworthy that Doha organized, first of all, the local production of precisely medical equipment and equipment - first of all, surgical masks, which this country used to order in Jordan.

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