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The military-industrial complex of Russia and Kazakhstan agreed to create a new combat module

26.05.2018 228 просмотров

Kazakh enterprises "Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering", "ZKMK" JSC and the Russian research institute "Burevestnik" signed a trilateral agreement on the start of work this year on a new combat module.

We are talking about a 30-millimeter combat module with high situational awareness, presumably equipped with a thermal imager and a laser rangefinder, which will be mounted on armored vehicles manufactured by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering.

The Burevestnik Institute already has a positive experience of cooperation with the Kazakh military-industrial complex: the Russian research institute manufactures 12mm guns for the local Arlan vehicle of the MRAP class (mine resistant ambush protected - protected from explosions and ambush attacks, ambush-proof and mine-resistant).

The signing of the agreement took place within the framework of the International Exhibition of Military Equipment KADEX-2018, which takes place from May 23 to 28 in Astana. The communiqué was received from the press service of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering is a subsidiary of Kazakhstan Engineering and Paramount Group, registered in South Africa. It produces such wheeled vehicles as "Barys" and "Arlan".

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