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The crisis hit the toy industry

22.09.2020 121 просмотров

In China, manufacturers and sellers of Christmas toys are experiencing an acute economic crisis associated with the pandemic.

In China, located some hundred kilometers from the regional center of Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province), the city of Yiwu suffers from a real overstock of Santa Clauses and other New Year's toys. Locals work in factories producing Christmas decorations and fairy-tale characters, which are in high demand from wholesalers ahead of the Christmas and New Year's winter season. Usually purchases start in the second half of September, but now there are no customers due to the epidemic and quarantine measures to combat coronavirus.


Jin Zhixun, manager of YIWU FUYE Toys, Ltd.:

orders from traditional customers have also dropped by almost half compared to last year, so the epidemic has had a negative impact on our business."


Xian Yanli, a worker at YIWU FUYE Toys, Ltd.:

, workers, employment is lower this year. In recent years, this season we even worked at night to get everything done. Now there is much less overtime."


Liu Youfang, owner of a small BOSEN toy factory and seller:

"There is no comparison with last year - the flow of buyers has decreased significantly! "They don't let us into China. That's why the market is empty."


It is difficult for manufacturers and sellers to sell their goods in China, as there are completely different holidays and civilizational foundations. The client base of the city of Yiwu is European countries. Transactions on Skype, in videoconference mode, are of little effect, since in business the opportunity to feel the product and talk with the supplier face to face often decides a lot. 

Some firms try to trade through postal delivery services such as Aliexpress or Amazon, but the overhead justifies itself only when shipping a large batch of goods.

The market is frozen in anticipation of the end of the epidemic or the emergence of an effective vaccine - for example, Russian-made.

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