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The authorities of Russia and China have created a joint innovation park of the future in Beijing

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The government of the Russian Federation and the authorities of China announced on Sunday the creation of the "Russian-Chinese Innovation Park of the Future" on the territory of the Beijing Science City.

The opening ceremony was held in the presence of representatives of the top leadership of China, government agencies, business and scientific circles of the two countries in the Changping area (northern part of the city), where joint research projects will be carried out.

The opening of the park took place during the Russian -Chinese Business Innovation Forum, which was attended by Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress (NPC PC) Jiang Zhenghua, Head of the Secretariat of the Chinese People's Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries Li Xikui, Science Adviser of the Russian Embassy in China Vyacheslav Morogin , Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) Pavel Spitsyn, representatives of the leadership of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators, Russian University of Transport, Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State University of Communications, St. Petersburg Russian State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and many others.

At the ceremony, forum participants listened to a welcoming message from Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov.

Positions Stakeholders

"With the support of stakeholders, a research and innovation platform has been created, which officially begins operations on the territory of the Beijing Science City of the Future. Science and technology, innovation, openness and mutual benefit are the topics of today's event, it is also an important event for global social development," Jiang Zhenghua said at the opening ceremony.

In turn, Vyacheslav Morogin on behalf of the Russian Embassy in Beijing expressed hope for the successful implementation of this project: "The Russian Federation has rich traditions and high achievements in the field of science and education. Russian-Chinese cooperation in the scientific and technical field has a long rich history and is an important component of bilateral strategic partnership, he noted. “The results achieved are determined by high mutual motivation and largely coinciding strategic goals of the two states.”

According to him, Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation is stable, large-scale and multifaceted. “However, objective conditions encourage both sides to do increasing emphasis on the search and development of new innovative forms of cooperation. <...> With support at such a high level, we are obliged to use this historic opportunity to achieve concrete results," the diplomat stressed.

"I am full of optimism. This project arose on the basis of inter-university cooperation. In the future, it developed into cooperation on a much broader international scale with the participation of Russia," Hu Yang, deputy head of the Center for Cooperation of the Chinese People's Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries, told TASS.

According to him, at the first stage of the development of the project, the main the emphasis is on high-speed rail transport technologies, and in the future the scope of interaction on the territory of the Russian-Chinese park of the future will become much more extensive. The program is actively supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China," Hu Yang explained.

will become a platform for the exchange of innovations and technologies of great strategic importance for the two states". It is expected that thanks to high-quality human and other resources, it will provide international innovative services.

The main ideas are to combine the capabilities of Russia and China, the scientific potential of inventors and industry, to promote the creation of favorable conditions for the entry of Russian developments into the Chinese market. It is planned to open a number of research centers on the territory of the park, the activities of which will be carried out on the basis of the regulatory framework for the protection of the rights of developers.

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