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Thailand builds world's largest hybrid hydroelectric power plant

22.04.2021 236 просмотров

Thailand uses water and the sun to generate electricity.

In Thailand, power engineers are completing the installation of a giant hybrid floating power plant that produces energy both through solar panels and according to the principle of a classical hydroelectric power station.

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Shanin Salichan, director of a floating hydro-solar power plant:

"If we talk about energy, it is clear that the production of electricity using solar panels has its limitations. We tried to eliminate them by creating system of continuous power generation by hybrid technology.Besides, we use all possible solutions to optimize the use of each component.We have a large enough water surface.We have a hydroelectric power plant with a high-voltage transmission line system.All this will reduce the cost of production of one units of electricity". 

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More than 144,000 photovoltaic panels were used for the unusual energy facility. The facility was built on the dam of the Moon River reservoir, in close proximity to the city of Ubon Ratchathani in the east of the country. 

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The locality's name translates to "Royal Lotus Flower City".

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