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Tesla may open electric vehicle production in India

26.04.2022 100 просмотров

Tesla may launch electric vehicles in India.

Elon Musk Tesla is allowed to start producing electric vehicles in India, but not importing products made in China into the country. This was announced in  New Delhi on Tuesday by Minister of Road Transport & Highways Nitin Ghadkari.

“Tesla can open in India, the production of electric vehicles for sales within the country and for export. We do not consider the company's proposal to import products manufactured in China to India," Reuters quoted the minister as saying.

The company Elona Muskduring the year actively lobbies for permission to import and sale of electric vehicles in India, including  at the Tesla plant in China, the agency notes. However, the electric car manufacturer shied away from guarantees to invest in production in India. Such guarantees are in line with the state program being implemented in the country, which provides for the development of local production and the creation of new jobs.

Previously, India rejected Tesla's request for tax breaks on importation of electric vehicles. The authorities recommended that the company set up production in the republic or import partially assembled vehicles at lower tax rates and complete their assembly already in the country.

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