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Takeaway food sales are on the rise in Japan

03.08.2021 43 просмотров

As coronavirus infections continue to rise in Japan, more and more people are opting for takeout or home delivery to keep the risk of infection to a minimum. 

Restaurant and eatery chains are racing to meet this growing demand.

The Tokyo Olympics are also apparently playing a role. One of the largest restaurant chains, Skylark Holdings, says that during the 4-day weekend period at the end of July, when the Games began, food delivery jumped 21% compared to the previous weekend.

The company even opened last month in Tokyo a branch that exclusively deals with food delivery and takeaway.

She says that she is now considering expanding the service area to cover the whole of Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures.

Yoshinoya chain, which specializes in food from beef and gyudong rice, reported that over a four-day weekend streak, takeaway food accounted for more than half of its sales. This happened after the introduction of a discount for those customers who made large orders to dine at home.

Other restaurant chains also reported an increase in sales. According to Royal Host, average sales from takeaway and delivery are up about 30% from the previous Sunday.

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