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Syria will cooperate with Russian oil companies

26.12.2019 191 просмотров

In particular, Damascus signed contracts with two companies.

Syria, together with Russian companies, began exploration of oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean. Buseina Shaaban, Advisor to the President of the Republic, announced this. 

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Damascus intends to start offshore oil exploration in the coming years. Shaaban did not name specific Russian enterprises. 

However, in December 2013, the Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources signed a contract with Soyuzneftegaz for work on offshore block 2 in the territorial waters of the republic.
Block 2 on the Syrian shelf is located between the cities of Tartus and Baniyas, its length is 30 kilometers along the coast and 70 kilometers inland from the coastline, the total area is more than two thousand square kilometers.

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