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South Korean authorities expect economic surge in the republic

20.10.2020 98 просмотров

The President of South Korea announced the beginning of a "golden period" for economic recovery.

The easing of social distancing measures that began in the Republic of Korea last week should be a powerful impetus for the normalization of the country's economy. According to the Maeil Gyeongje newspaper on Tuesday, President Moon Jae-in made such a statement at a weekly meeting with his senior secretaries.

“Lowering the quarantine level will serve as a good chance to increase consumption and economic activity,” the newspaper quoted the leader of the country as saying.

According to her data, at the meeting, Moon Jae-in stressed the need for nationwide efforts to revive the economy, noting that its full recovery will be possible only in  ; case of recovery of domestic consumption. “In this sense, the “golden period”, the most suitable time, has now come,” the head of state emphasized.

Moon Jae-in called for stimulating private investment, with particular emphasis on policies to promote the arts, culture and tourism. The President expressed his regret that the government's economic recovery efforts were undermined due to the large-scale outbreak of coronavirus infection that began in mid-August.

South Korea reports fewer than 100 new coronavirus cases for the fifth day in a row. Last week, the social distancing system was lowered to the minimum level, as the long weekend in early October did not cause an increase in the number of new infections. However, health authorities warn of the danger of infections in groups of people.

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