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South Korea shows interest in the port of Slavyanka

20.10.2018 222 просмотров

The government of the South Korean state would very much like to take part in the development of the seaside port.

According to the KBS TV channel, the interest is due to the unique location of the sea harbor - at the junction of the borders of China, Russia and the DPRK. Thus, the port can become a very convenient logistics hub. 
A transshipment complex for LNG will be built in Kamchatka< /a>  

Ministry of the Navy and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea plans to prepare a feasibility study for the project by the fall of next year and submit it for consideration by the Russian side, TASS reports. Northern Sea Route. 

The TV channel specified that in October last year, Hyundai Engineering & Construction has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian logistics company Berkut in the field of reconstruction and development of the port of Slavyanka.

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