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Serial production of Lada cars began in Uzbekistan

21.09.2021 120 просмотров

Avtovaz launched serial assembly of Lada in Uzbekistan.

The Russian manufacturer Avtovaz has begun serial assembly of Lada cars together with the Uzbek company Roodell at the new Jizzakh-ADM plant located in the Jizzakh free economic zone (Uzbekistan), the press service of AvtoVAZ reports.

Avtovaz announces the start of serial assembly of Lada cars together with a partner from Uzbekistan, Roodell," the report says.

Vesta Cross and Lada Xray produced by SKD are being prepared for shipment to the dealer network.

SKD of Lada Vesta SW/SW Cross, Lada XRAY Cross and Lada Largus/Largus Cross models will be carried out at the plant. “The assembly process has been adjusted taking into account all Avtovaz requirements for equipment, technological processes and quality. The personnel involved in the project have received the necessary training,” the press release says.

Previously, Avtovaz President Nicolas Maure noted that after Lada assembly began in Uzbekistan, Renault models would also be assembled.

The manufacturer also reports that last year in Uzbekistan, through the Roodell dealer network, which includes 18 dealerships throughout the country, more than 5 thousand Lada cars were sold.

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