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Sberbank started selling cash dirhams

03.02.2023 ТАСС 49 просмотров

Cash dirhams can be purchased in five offices.

Sberbank has started selling cash dirhams of the UAE in several Moscow branches, it follows from the message of the credit institution.

"Sberbank has the opportunity to buy and sell cash dirhams — the currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The service is being implemented in a test mode to understand the demand for such a service," the bank said on Thursday.

Now you can buy cash dirhams in five Moscow offices of Sberbank in Moscow. The "Savings Bank" stressed that if the demand for this currency is high, the number of branches will increase.

"On the one hand, the UAE is a popular tourist destination for Russians, on the other, business ties with this country are actively developing. In addition, you can invest in dirhams, because the dynamics of the exchange rate of this currency is similar to the US dollar. As the demand for the service grows, the number of offices working with this currency will increase. We are also considering the possibility of launching operations with dirhams in cashless form," said Sergey Shirokov, Director of the Borrow and Save division of Sberbank.

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