Opening Asia for Russia

The most popular autumn air destinations among Russians were Turkey, Uzbekistan and Thailand

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Air tickets to Armenia are also in demand .

The Russians are most interested in buying tickets for the fall to Turkey, Uzbekistan and Thailand. This is stated in the results of a study of the OneTwoTrip travel planning service, which is available to TASS. Experts analyzed the search queries of the company's customers for the period from September 1 to November 30, 2022.

"The top countries look like this: Turkey is in the first place (26.3% is the share of all search queries abroad, you can fly here in the fall for an average of 26.5 thousand rubles), Uzbekistan is in second (7.1%, 14.1 thousand rubles), Thailand is in third (7%, 43.3 thousand rubles)," the experts said.

Also in demand are flights to Armenia (6.1%, 11.7 thousand rubles), the UAE (4.3%, 27.8 thousand rubles), Azerbaijan (3.2%, 23.5 thousand rubles), Kyrgyzstan (2.8%, 21.6 thousand rubles), Israel (2.7%, 33.8 thousand rubles), Georgia (2.5%, 24.3 thousand rubles) and Kazakhstan (2.4%, 24.5 thousand rubles).

Sochi (26% of the total number of requests in the country), Moscow (13.1%) and St. Petersburg (12.1%) are the most in demand among domestic destinations in autumn. The average cost of a one-way ticket to these cities in the fall is 7 thousand rubles, 5.6 thousand rubles and 5.7 thousand rubles, respectively. In addition, Russians plan to go to Kaliningrad (4.9%, the average ticket price is 5.6 thousand rubles), Caucasian Mineral Waters (4.5%, 6.8 thousand rubles), Makhachkala (3.7%, 7.1 thousand rubles) and Kazan (2.6%, 8.5 thousand rubles), OneTwoTrip reported.

Among the popular destinations for traveling by train in autumn, Moscow is leading with a 20.6% share of search queries (1.9 thousand rubles for a one-way ticket per person), St. Petersburg (16.1%, 1.7 thousand rubles) and Sochi (16%, 2.2 thousand rubles). Trips to Kavminvody (3.6%, 1.4 thousand rubles) and Anapa (3.1%, 1.8 thousand rubles) are also in demand.

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