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Samsung will increase the zoom with the help of Corephotonics

31.01.2019 39 просмотров

South Korean company buys Israeli startup for $155 million

Experts note that this is a very profitable investment. Corephotonics developments are used by all major smartphone manufacturers. So, Oppo was assisted in the creation of a zoom lens with a 10x optical zoom.

South Korean corporation Samsung 
opens new plant in India
Meanwhile, they say that the Israeli The company already has developments that will help create a module with a 25x zoom.

Corephotonics was founded in 2012 by David Mendlovich, a professor of electrical engineering at Tel Aviv University and a former chief scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology. Moreover, Samsung was initially one of the key investors in this startup.

The main motive for the deal between the South Korean and Israeli companies is Samsung's desire to gain access to more than 150 patents owned by the Israeli company. These developments relate to the creation of lenses with hybrid zoom technology.

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