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Russian Railways to help develop Jordanian railways

26.11.2018 180 просмотров

This possibility was announced following the meeting of the intergovernmental commission of the two countries.

At the meeting in Moscow, a number of topical issues were discussed, including a lot of attention the participants paid to cooperation in the field of transport. According to Deputy Co-Chairman of the Commission, Deputy Director of the Department of Asia, Africa and Latin America of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Yuri Zolotarev, the possibility of participation of Russian Railways in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the Middle East state was discussed. 
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Trains from South Korea to Siberia
may run in 2021

Russian specialists are ready to take an active part in the development of the Kingdom's national railway project. The plan has been under development by the Jordanian government for several years, but investment and technology are needed to implement it. 

Currently, the total length of railways in the country does not exceed 700 kilometers. In 2010, the government began acquiring land to build new lines, but funding for the project was later cut by more than 70%. In the summer of 2011, a plan was approved to build a railroad track from Jordan's only seaport, Aqaba, to the Iraqi border. In addition, plans to build a light railroad between Amman and Ez-Zarqa remain unfulfilled. 

Now two railway tracks are actively operated in the country: from Aman to Syria, which is used jointly by the Syrian Hijaz Railway, and the line from the Gulf of Aqaba to the phosphate mines near the town of Ma'an.

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