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Russia will create a free tax zone on the Kuril Islands

04.09.2021 111 просмотров

Russia will create a free customs zone throughout the Kuril Islands, and this will not harm the Russian-Japanese partnership, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, September 3, at the 6th Eastern Economic Forum.

"It is this, in fact, unprecedented set of benefits and incentives that we will create in the Kuril Islands, for example, where we will completely exempt businesses from paying key taxes on income, property, land and transport taxes. And for 10 years," the Russian leader said.

The Kuril Islands are the land around which there is a long-term territorial dispute between Russia and Japan. It is the dispute over the ownership of the southern part of the Kuril Islands (four islands of the South Kuril ridge) that creates obstacles for the signing of a peace treaty between the two countries and the complete settlement of bilateral diplomatic and trade relations.

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Recall that after the end of World War II, all the Kuril Islands were included in the USSR. However, the ownership of the islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and the Habomai group of islands is disputed by Japan. Currently, the four disputed islands are called "Northern Territories" in Japan, and "Southern Kuriles" in Russia.

Vladimir Putinnoted that the creation of a free customs zone on the Kuril Islands would not harm harm to the partnership between the two countries, and Russia has never refused dialogue with Japan on a peace treaty.

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work on the basis of well-known documents of the 1950s. Our Japanese partners constantly changed their position, I have already said many times, "recalled Vladimir Putin.

"[Negotiations with the Japanese are endless process] Of course, we must take into account the existing realities, one of them is that when talking about a peace treaty, we must to ensure a peaceful future, which means that we must be guaranteed [protected] from surprises related to the possible deployment of American armed forces and, moreover, missile strike systems near our borders," said Vladimir Putin .

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