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Russia and Turkey may start consultations on the issue of aircraft maintenance

03.02.2023 ТАСС 67 просмотров

Turkey and the Russian Federation will solve the problem of servicing the Boeing, if it arises.

The Turkish and Russian authorities will find a solution to the problem of servicing flights of Russian airlines using American-made Boeing aircraft at Turkish airports, if reports of possible risks in this regard are true. This was reported to TASS on Thursday by a source in Ankara.

So he commented on the letter of the Havas handling company distributed in the Russian media, in which the Turkish operator warned about the risks of servicing 170 aircraft at the country's airports that fell under US export sanctions — they prohibit refueling, maintenance and repair of such boards abroad. In this regard, the company advised Russian carriers to plan flights to Turkey on planes containing less than 25% of American-made parts.

"We should not dramatize the situation without knowing the details. The authorities of the two countries will intervene in the situation if necessary, they always find solutions to bilateral problems," the source said. At the same time, he did not rule out that the distribution of the letter "Havash" may be related to the upcoming negotiations between the aviation authorities of the Russian Federation and Turkey on quotas for flights between the two countries.

The Turkish authorities do not comment on reports about the warning letter, as well as the publication last week of the Wall Street Journal newspaper, which claims that the United States is allegedly putting pressure on Turkey to ban the servicing of flights of Russian airlines on American-made aircraft. According to the publication, in December last year, Thea Rozman Kendler, Assistant Secretary of Commerce of the United States, brought Washington's position on this issue to the Turkish authorities. It was also reported that a similar issue at the end of last week during a visit to Turkey was to be discussed by US Deputy Finance Minister Bryon Nelson, but there were no reports of his talks in Ankara.

TASS has made a corresponding request to the Turkish Ministry of Transport, but there has been no response yet. They also avoid comments in industry structures engaged in ground maintenance of aircraft, without confirming or denying the existence of letters that were allegedly sent to them by the US authorities.

"We do not comment on such reports, it should be done by the official authorities," said one of the industry sources in response to a question whether handling companies received warnings from the US authorities about the risks of servicing Boeing aircraft that are used in the Russian Federation.

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