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Russia is ready to provide assistance to the Philippines in the energy sector

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The President-elect of the country will cooperate with the Russian Federation in several areas, said Marat Pavlov.

Russia is ready to provide assistance to the Philippines in the energy sector. This was announced on Monday by the Russian Ambassador to the republic Marat Pavlov at a press conference after meeting with the elected President of the country Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

According to him, the President-elect of the Philippines "will cooperate with the Russian Federation" in several areas, including energy. "We are ready to cooperate with the Philippine side to lend a helping hand to meet the needs for energy sources," the ABC—CN media group quoted him as saying. "We discussed this area of cooperation and found out that in this turbulent period of our life, the Russian Federation could help the Philippines with much—needed oil, gas and other energy sources." "Russia is ready to improve the traditionally friendly relations between our countries in many areas of cooperation, as it meets the interests of our peoples," he added.

In March Ferdinand Marcos Jr. made a call for a peaceful resolution of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The new National Security Adviser of the RepublicClarita Carlos said in a recent interview that the next administration will take a neutral position on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. "As far as I understand, the President—elect would like to continue his independent policy and will cooperate with the Russian Federation," he saidMarat Pavlov.

Elections were held in the Philippines on May 9. The current leader of the country is 77-year-old Rodrigo Duterte, who cannot be re-elected under the constitution, will leave office on June 30. Ferdinand's inauguration will take place on the same dayMarcos Jr.

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