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Rooftop gardening in Damascus

30.04.2020 43 просмотров

In Syria, Damascus resident Maen Khadour, a father of four, has come up with a new way to earn money to support his family.

Maen is a civil servant. He also works part-time as a bus driver. With the arrival of the coronavirus on the land of Syria, it became much more difficult for the father of the family to earn his own bread. Public transport is still inactive, and the institution has drastically reduced hours of presence and, accordingly, salaries.

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"We rarely eat meat, if at all. As a rule, we have chicken for lunch, but now there is much less than before," says Wazira Khadur, a Damascus resident.

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< br> But Maen does not lose heart.He and his wife Vazira decided to set up a garden on their roof.Now, seedlings grow green in clean canisters turned into pots of earth.The couple grow cucumbers, parsley, lettuce, dill, eggplant, which favorably diversifies them Maen sells the surplus at the market. 

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Prices food has increased not only because of COVID 19, but also because Ramadan has begun. The Syrian government understands that people need income to feed their families. Therefore, the lockdown is gradually being lifted. So, local merchants are already allowed to trade up to two times a week. The inhabitants of Damascus do not despair - they know that wars and epidemics come and go, and their city has continued to live for the fourth thousand years.

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