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Russia will help Turkey to build a second nuclear power plant

29.09.2022 ТАСС 29 просмотров

Turkey will discuss with Russia the construction of a nuclear power plant in Sinop province.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that negotiations with Russia on the construction of a second Turkish nuclear power plant in the Black Sea province of Sinop will continue.

"We will take steps to build a nuclear power plant in Sinop province. We had talks on this with the respected [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, we will continue them," Erdogan said on CNN Turk.

The Turkish leader also said that the first power unit of the Akkuyu NPP, which is being built in Mersin province in the south of the country, will be launched in 2023, and the construction of the station itself is planned to be completed in 2028.

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