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Railways reopen in Pakistan

20.05.2020 133 просмотров

After a two-month complete downtime of the rolling stock due to the coronavirus epidemic, the authorities partially restored the railway service

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"Due to the general quarantine, we could not return home, so now we are just happy! - says passenger Shanana Osama. - Of course, we are ordered not to remove masks and gloves, and also to maintain social distance. we will adhere to all these rules in order to return to our doorstep safe and sound."

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"Now our Eid al-Fitr holiday, the end of Ramadan, is coming soon. So people are rushing home. We have done everything we could: we do not let passengers into the cars without masks and gloves, we ensured the correct placement of people in the cars," explains Shirin Khina. "If a passenger does not have protective equipment with him, we will sell them to him. For women, you separate compartments are divided. Before allowing people into the train, we check their temperature."

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Pakistani Minister of Railways Sheikh Rashid announced the resumption of rail traffic starting from May 18. 7,000 police officers are called upon to ensure full compliance with the order and epidemiological safety of passengers at Lahore railway stations , Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta in Balochistan and Rawalpindi.

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