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Work on the creation of a gas hub in Turkey is nearing its end

06.02.2023 ТАСС 60 просмотров

The International Energy Hub in Turkey will start operating this year.

Work on the creation of an international gas hub on Turkish territory has entered its final stages. The first trading operation on its site is planned to be carried out this year, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said. "The work on the establishment of a Natural Gas Distribution and Trade Center in Turkey is nearing its end.

We are preparing to carry out the first trade operation already this year," the minister, who is in the Baku, Anadolu Agency.

Donmez said that negotiations on participation in the implementation of the hub project were held with a number of countries. "Representatives of all the states with whom we discussed this issue expressed their readiness to support the project," Donmmez said.

The idea of creating a hub on Turkish territory, where the lost volume of transit through the Nord Stream can be redirected, was proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last October at the Russian Energy Week forum. According to him, we are talking about the possibility of building another pipeline system and creating a hub in Turkey through which gas will flow to third countries, primarily European ones, if they are interested in it.

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