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On the TV channel "Big Asia" - the premiere of the program "The First Eurasian Congress. Memories of the Future"

26.12.2020 168 просмотров

Founded in 2006, the Eurasian Development Bank finances integration and innovation projects in the EAEU countries and Tajikistan. On the eve of its 15th anniversary, the bank held the First Eurasian Congress. 

In March 1994, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, speaking at Lomonosov Moscow State University, proclaimed the idea of creating a Eurasian Union based on a common economic space and a common defense policy. Today, the Eurasian Economic Union is already five years old! During this time, an impressive array of supranational legislation has been created.

With good reason, we can say that the common market for goods and services is functioning successfully, there is a tendency to improve the investment climate, positions of the EAEU member states in international rankings. An important stage in the formation of the Eurasian Union was the digitalization of economies. This topic has become a key one on the agenda of the First Eurasian Congress, organized by the Eurasian Development Bank in Moscow.

Watch on the TV channel "Greater Asia" special report "First Eurasian Congress . Memories of the Future” Sunday, December 27 at 2:00 pm, Monday, December 28 at 2:35 pm, Wednesday, December 30 at 9:35 pm Moscow time.

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