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Oil extraction plant to be built in Altai by 2025

25.11.2021 125 просмотров

Its raw material processing capacity will be 1.5 thousand tons of sunflower per day, the company's products are planned to be exported to China.

An oil extraction plant worth about 15 billion rubles will be built in the Blagoveshchensky district of the Altai Territory. The plant will be able to process 1.5 thousand tons of sunflower per day, and the products are expected to be exported to China, a representative of the investor company Sigma Holding Management Company LLC Aidar Yakupov told reporters on Thursday.

The agreement on socio-economic cooperation, which provides for the construction of the plant, was signed on Thursday in the government of the Altai Territory by the governor Viktor Tomenko, Aidar Yakupov and the head of the Blagoveshchensky district.
< br> "The implementation of the project is designed for several stages: the construction of an oil press production, an oil extraction plant, refining, deodorization and packaging. The first stage, the launch of the oil plant, we plan for 2023, and the entire project is designed until 2025. The total investment is about 15 billion rubles The plant is designed to process 1.5 thousand tons of sunflower per day, and is also capable of processing rapeseed and flax, oilseeds,” said Aidar Yakupov, answering a question from TASS after signing with of the announcement.

He noted that the Altai Territory was not chosen by chance as the location of the future plant: the region is in close proximity to the border and is a leader in the production of grain and oilseeds. The export capacity of the project, according toAidar Yakupov, is estimated at $200 million annually. The products are expected to be exported to the Chinese market.

"It is known that in the region today there is a certain surplus in the production of sunflower, rapeseed in relation to the capacities for their processing. This is approximately a twofold excess, so the interest, taking into account experience, is quite understandable holding jobs in various regions of the country. It is important for us that these are new jobs, 350 jobs. It is quite possible that more workers will be needed, and this will be followed by tax payments and the social sphere," the head of the region told reporters after signing the agreement.

Sigma Holding Management Company has experience in building such plants. The company has two plants in Bashkortostan with a total processing capacity of 2.5 thousand tons per day.

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