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The volume of flax seed exports from the Urals to China has almost tripled

01.02.2023 ТАСС 61 просмотров

Such volumes were achieved thanks to a good flax harvest.

More than 70 thousand tons of flax worth more than $42 million were sent from the Ural Federal District to the People's Republic of China. Export volumes increased 2.8 times due to a good flax harvest, the press service of the Ural Customs Administration reported.

"In 2022, 71 thousand tons of flax worth more than $42 million were exported from the region of the Ural Customs Administration. The volume of exports of oilseeds increased 2.8 times by weight, the growth in value was 2.4," the report says, specifying that a good flax harvest influenced the increase in exports.

It is noted that in China, the demand for Ural flax increased by 280%. In 2022, more than 93% of the products of Ural farmers were sent to China. Residents use flax seeds in cooking and oil production, as well as flax cake is introduced into feed mixtures for livestock.

In 2021, 25 thousand tons worth $18 million were sent for the export of oilseed flax seeds, the press service added.

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