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Novosibirsk airport expanded the geography of flights

23.03.2018 125 просмотров

The representative of the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo spoke about new opportunities for flights both to Novosibirsk and for residents of the region - to other cities and countries.

The press service of the air hub reported that in connection with the transition to the summer schedule, the regular flight to & nbsp; Bratsk.

In addition, for the next six months, a number of major airlines - Aeroflot, Pobeda, Alrosa, Red Wings , Yamal, Nordwind Airlines,  NordStar, ATC (Avia Traffic Company) - will visit Novosibirsk more often.

Due to the social significance of the route, some flights will receive partial state funding - including the flight to Simferopol until the end of the summer schedule. This means a significant reduction in the cost of the flight for the passenger. 

It is curious that in connection with the completely restored tourist flow to Antalya within the pre-crisis levels, Rossiya Airlines decided to fly from Tolmachevo to the popular Turkish resort by air. Boeing 747 ships. In addition, Dalaman, a new destination for Russians, will appear among the destinations on Turkish soil. and Utapao.

Also for the first time, a flight to Larnaca (May 1) and Tokyo (June 2) will appear in the schedule. 

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