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A hydrogen engineering center will appear on Sakhalin

08.08.2022 ТАСС 75 просмотров

The facility will become part of the Eastern Regional Hydrogen Cluster in the future.

The Hydrogen Engineering Center with a test site will be created on Sakhalin at the initiative of the Special Design Bureau of Marine Research Automation Equipment (SKB SAMI). The center will become part of the Eastern Regional Hydrogen Cluster, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said during a working trip to the Sakhalin Region.

"According to the project, there will be a test site there, which in the future should become part of the Eastern Regional Hydrogen Cluster, provided for by the country's hydrogen energy development concept. The presented initiative is of great practical importance. In the future, the know-how of the center can be replicated in the Far East, the Arctic and other regions of Russia," Dmitry Chernyshenko is quoted as saying in the press service of the Deputy Prime Minister on Monday.

During a visit to the SAMI Design Bureau, where hydroacoustic complexes for a wide purpose are being developed, as well as products for the oil and gas complex, Chernyshenko noted that a niche has now opened that needs to be replaced, and for this you need to understand the market demand. "There are tools and support that we can provide through state programs of scientific and technological development, as well as through the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We have already discussed with the governor that it is still possible to go through the instrument-making line, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development. It is obvious that the demand in the market is gigantic. It seems to me that this is a very promising direction," Dmitry Chernyshenko added.

The project of the Sakhalintesh campus

Together with the Governor Valery Limarenko, as the press service added, Dmitry Chernyshenko visited the construction site of the new campus of Sakhalin State University "Sakhalintesh". On behalf of the President Vladimir Putin, a network of at least 25 campuses should be created in the country by 2030. Last year, the first eight projects were selected, this year there is a second wave of competitive selection, which received 39 applications from 34 regions.

"The Sakhalin Region has also sent an application for participation — this is a project of the Sakhalintesh campus, it has been accepted for examination. I would like to note that the Sakhalin Region has the most powerful companies in the oil and gas sector, the fishing industry, and energy. They are interested in the university training personnel for their productions, which the campus will fully contribute to. The Sakhalintesh project has every chance to get into the list of winners, which will be announced at the beginning of December this year," Dmitry Chernyshenko said.

It is planned that the campus will include a scientific and educational complex being created in the center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and a student campus. The main areas of research will be the world ocean, new energy, oil and gas business and ecology. A campus of three dormitories for 1.5 thousand people is planned to be built on Pobedy Avenue. According to the report, Sakhalin University has high employment rates of graduates: 83% find a job after graduation, and 90% of them begin to build a career on Sakhalin and the Kuriles.

"By creating the Sakhalintesh campus, we will solve several important tasks. We will give talented young people the opportunity to get higher education without leaving the island region. It will be easier for students to get involved in research activities. Specialties, of course, will be linked to the needs of the region's economy. This means that young people will have more chances to get a job and realize themselves. As a result, the region will receive highly qualified personnel, vital for the implementation of major investment projects for the development of the region," the words are quoted in the messageValeria Limarenko.

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