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At Innoprom, a robot dog, a Batmobile prototype and a new Aurus were shown

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Other exhibits of the exhibition include a two-seat air taxi, charging for electric cars manufactured by Novomet-Perm and a car with a hydrogen fuel cell.

The Aurus electric motorcycle, human-sized chess "import-substituting" figures and a prototype of the Batman car attracted the attention of visitors on the first day of the Innoprom International industrial Exhibition, which takes place in Yekaterinburg from July 4 to 7.

This year, many exhibits are presented at the exhibition for the first time. The novelties of the transport industry are highlighted, for example, a car with a hydrogen fuel cell and an electric motorcycle Aurus. Now prototypes of Aurus Merlon motorcycles are being tested. A feature of the vehicle will be the possibility of using it in minus 25 degrees. The innovation center of the EFKO group of companies presented a two-seat air taxi - a prototype of a controlled drone, which is currently being tested.

Modern technologies in the field of automotive industry were also demonstrated by Kazakhstan: the IEV4S electric car, which can reach speeds of up to 150 km/h, and the prototype of the fictional Batman car - the Batmobile, which was printed on a 3D printer by the Kazakh team.

Interest in electric vehicles was also demonstrated at another stand, where charging for electric cars produced by Novomet-Perm was presented. For the first time, the charging station was launched in February 2022 in a test mode. The advantages of the station are fast and slow charging modes, the ability to charge two electric vehicles simultaneously and remote control. Such stations can be placed in parking lots at enterprises, shopping and business centers.

The regions of Russia presented their potential at the exhibition. For example, the stand of the Rostov region attracted attention with a board with human-sized chess pieces. The slogan of the region is "Import substitution. Our move." Each figure shows the areas in which foreign components will be replaced - in the nuclear industry, aircraft construction, agricultural machinery, light industry, petrochemicals and others. For the first time, Donbass enterprises took part in Innoprom. As the representative of the direction of flat rolled products "Soyuz Metal Service" told TASS Danil Melnik, metallurgical enterprises count on the exchange of technologies and equipment, for example, in the production of rolling rolls.

The most friendly exhibits were robot assistants. For example, at the Moscow stand, guests were able to communicate with the robot Robbie, learn from him about the city's industry and receive a compliment. In the pavilions of the exhibition center, you can notice a courier robot that delivers documents and food. Another unusual exhibit was a robot dog, which was created to check the wearability of parts in factories.

About the exhibition

The main theme of the Innoprom exhibition in 2022 is "Industrial Transition: from challenges to new opportunities", Kazakhstan has become a partner country. The event presents current domestic and joint developments in the field of production automation, new mobility, modern materials and other promising areas. The exhibition runs from July 4 to July 7 in Yekaterinburg.


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