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Moscow to share unique innovation potential with Beijing

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Moscow and Beijing signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of innovation.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin held a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Moscow Innovation Cluster Foundation, during which an agreement was signed with Beijing on cooperation in the field of innovation.

Moscow will begin cooperation with the Zhongguancun Science Park » in the field of innovation, research and development in advanced areas of science and technology. “Thank you, dear colleagues, this agenda is over. More and more enterprises are included in the cluster. This is very important, and it means that it is in great demand,” Sobyanin said after the signing.

As noted in the materials for the event, the conclusion of the agreement was one of the practical steps to implement the joint initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping on holding the Years of Russian-Chinese Scientific, Technical and Innovation Cooperation in 2020-21.

The partnership between key institutions to support innovation in the Russian and Chinese capitals will include: the development of the MIK digital platform, the Zhongguancun electronic business service platform and the Zhongguancun Forum data platform as platforms for interaction between Russian and Chinese innovative companies; facilitating cooperation between Russian and Chinese organizations on the exchange of experience, technologies, attracting investments and improving the efficiency of their business processes; organization of conferences and other events on development, research and development of new technologies; and much more.

The Moscow Innovation Cluster was created to promote innovation and cooperation between business, industry, science and the city. The cluster operator is the Moscow Innovation Cluster Foundation, a specialized organization established by the Moscow government that administers processes, assigns statuses, ensures the operation of the IT platform, and accompanies the activities of participants and applicants for participant status. The Supervisory Board is the supreme collegiate management body of the fund.

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