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Moscow prepared for the resumption of normal work

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In Moscow, the level of danger of getting sick with coronavirus is gradually decreasing; life returns to the city.

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< br> With the beginning of summer, the locals got the right to go shopping and breathe fresh air. Trade galleries and some catering outlets have opened, such as McDonald's.

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"Yes, McDonald's is ready for the meeting," said Irina Korshunova, head of McDonald's Quality Department. "We comply with very strict safety requirements, both for employees, and for guests when they come to our halls. We have social navigation - stickers on the floor and on tables indicating where you can sit down, where you can’t ... There will be an employee near the entrance to give all explanations on navigation to guests. "

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"The feeling is that the Russian people are very patient," Andrey, co-owner of the souvenir shop on Stary Arbat expressed hope. I hope that the business will gradually recover, which has been hit very hard. It's hard to say how quickly it will recover... There won't be any earnings, maybe 3 months - maybe more... We'll be patient!"

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Massive free rapid testing for coronavirus and antibodies is being conducted in Moscow. Russia occupies one of the first place in the world in terms of the number of tests performed, and our country has perhaps the lowest mortality rate from COVID-19.

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